What I Wish I Had Known About College

Essay 1 Subcultures Assignment
For this paper you will be analyzing the article What I Wish I Had Known About College. From this text, you will have the opportunity to not only learn from the wisdom of a college senior, who is looking back on her previous years in college, but understand through this article how it is targeted to you, as the audience.  We will analyze rhetorical techniques, language, etc. to help you understand how authors use the expectations and language of specific communities to appeal to their audience.
For this paper you will need:

An introduction, ending with a thesis
A mapping paragraph
A summary of the article
Three main points that analyze the language and examples used in the article and its connection to audience
A counter argument
A conclusion

Thesis and Development: 
Clearly defined and logical thesis Thesis supported through clear reasoning, explanation, and evidence Considered various perspectives on the issue 
Style: Clear and logical organizational format (using one of the formats discussed in class) Coherent and clear paragraphs (use of topic sentences and logical development) Effective use of transitions between paragraphs Appropriate language and tone 
Mechanics: Standard American English No sentence fragments, run-ons, or comma splices No misspellings (including homophones) Correct punctuation 
Documentation: Correctly use two paraphrases Correctly use two quotations Correctly write a Works Cited page Include copied articles 
Format: Use of MS Word Template for spacing and formatting
At least 5-7 full pages not including Works Cited page 
No block quotationsOne-inch margins 12 point Times New Roman font