What is political athlete?

Professor asked us to keep a fan’s journal with our reflections on the topic given. >>>>>>> 1.      Students are required to keep a typed double spacedjournal, A Fans Notebook in whichweekly reflections on ones team, current race, gender and class issues inSports, personality studies on celebrity figures, media coverage, talk showissues are kept. This
 shouldbe a minimum of two to three typed pages (250-350 words weekly. This journalshould be seen as a developmental tool for critical and analytical research.This will be evaluated on the basis of intellectual growth during the semesterand will count for 35% of the final grade.

some of the points to touch upon>>>>>>>

newera of the political athlete (from Colin Kaepernick, Michael Bennett toLeBron James and Naomi Osaka).

Based on this books>>>>>>
The Duality of Sport in Fair and Foul (Eitzen) pp. 1-21)-onthe paradoxes of Sports
2. The dedication to Muhammad Ali and pages 5-75 in The Revolt of the Black Athlete by HarryEdwards- the black militant athlete and the Race question contextualized in theBlack Power era