Workforce Reduction Journal

Introduction: Workforce reduction is one of the toughest challenges for a human resources manager. In today’s marketplace, financial and growth considerations can change rapidly, affecting an organization’s potential growth or even its existence in some cases. The latter is especially true with startup companies, or new organizations that may initially grow a bit too quickly and then must retrench when the market changes. Planning for a reduction is the responsibility of the human resource manager, and if done correctly can mitigate some of the difficulty and toll taken on all concerned.
Read the following scenario and respond in a minimum of 250 words Microsoft Word document concerning the following:
Scenario: Your boss tells you the company is suffering losses in the market, and if some employees are not laid off in the next three months, the company may not survive.
Based on your reading in Chapter 5 and Table 5.2:

Discuss what options you would consider, and why, when planning for a reduction in the workforce.
Why would your choices for planning a reduction in the workforce be preferable to others?

You can choose more than one option from the table.