World History – In-depth question

You may not use any external sources. When quoting text or identifying a specific source reading, please use a parenthetical  citation (Lesson 5.2). Use of outside sources or unattributed quotes will be penalized. 
write 5-paragraphs and it must include the following…

A thesis statement, or argument, that is precise, contestable, and qualified; 
Introduction and conclusion paragraphs;
A topic sentence, or sub-argument, for each body paragraph;
Examples from at least three (3) of the societies that we have studied;
No fewer than five (5) examples or pieces of evidence from the readings and media.

The twentieth century is often understood a period dominated by death and destruction on a scale previously unknown to human societies:  global and industrial warfare, the Holocaust, and atomic weapons. It was  a period of brutal colonialism and Communist and Nazi dictatorships. Using  specific examples from the course materials, provide your assessment of  the twentieth century. Did the human condition profoundly change — for  the worse? How was the twentieth century similar to or different than  previous eras?

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