World of Music (MUS327) – discussion replies

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2 discussion questions using textbook chapters 1 and 11 
TEXTBOOK: Worlds of Music shorter version 4th Edition by Jeff Todd Titon

Topic 1.   Replying to Gabrielle, Jacquelyn and Roberta
Read the Book sections related to tribal and intertribal music. Then, listen to the audio examples below. After this answer these questions:
Compare and contrast tribal and intertribal musical styles. 
Identify similarities and differences between Haudenosaunee, Yuchi, and Navajo music.

Listen to “Yeibichai,” a Navajo dance song from Nightway, led by Sandoval Begay.
Listen to “Ho Way Hey Yo,” performed by The Six Nations Women Singers.
Listen to a Stomp Dance, led and performed by Sonny Bucktrot.
Listen to “Reservation of Education,” performed by XIT.
Listen to “Straight Up,” performed by The Northern Wind Singers.

Topic 2. Africa  Replying to Brianna, Jacob and Nicholas

Complete the readings for this week and chapter 3 from the recommended book. Then,

Listen to Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense by Fela Kuti
Watch Fela Kuti Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense Live at Glastonbury Festival 1984

After this, answer the following questions:

What characteristics of African music are similar to the Western European traditions?
Discuss the Afrobeat music of Fela Kuti in terms of the cultural origin and cultural influences and answer:

Which features are African? 
Which features are the Euro-American? 
Which features are African- American? 
Which features are universal? 
What do you think about making differentiations of this kind?