Write an essay


Please use the
questions below to record and reflect. Be as comprehensive as possible. Your
essay should be written in your own words.
Focus on explaining concepts. Do not use quotes
extensively; rather, paraphrase the authors’ ideas, make claims, and use
citation to support your claims.







1.  In your own words, explain what
you know about play and its benefits for young children.

2.  Describe what you observed in the
video and read in the articles about the use of play. What skills and concepts do children learn
through play?  Give THREE specific examples.


Family Involvement




1.  Explain the importance of family involvement
in a child’s education.

2.  Write about two strategies will
you use in the classroom to partner with families and involve them in their
child’s education. How will you help culturally and linguistically diverse
families be involved in your class?


Child Guidance





1.      What do we need to know and understand
about challenging behaviors? What is the root cause? What influences their

2.       Briefly explain TWO strategies of positively
guiding children. Give an example of how you would use EACH strategy in your
classroom to positively guide young children’s behaviors. Be specific.


Your Teaching Philosophy Statement

Reflect on your semester in
this class. What did you learn? What surprised you? What do you agree/disagree

Conclude your paper by
reflecting on your emerging teaching philosophy
using these prompts:

I believe the purpose of
education is….

All children have certain
needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn. I will meet these needs

I believe that children
learn best……

A teacher should have
certain qualities and behave in certain ways. These personal and professional
qualities include…

I will keep growing and
learning as a professional by…



essay should be written in your own words.

include at least 3 text connections. Each section
must contain at least 1 text connection, correctly cited using APA
citation format. Use the readings in the modules and assignment.

Length:3-4 pages, excluding references

Formatting: APA with Reference page