Write a 1 to 1.5 page (500-750 words) essay on the Amy Smith case study.

Write a 1 to 1.5 page (500-750 words) essay on the Amy Smith case study. In your paper, talk about the medical negligence that might have occurred in this situation.

CASE STUDY: Amy Smith was a 10 year old female who was scheduled for a surgery at her local hospital. Amy had Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). When undergoing surgery, special precautions must be taken to prevent and/or treat an SCD crisis. In SCD, the shape of persons red blood cells is destroyed and instead of being round like they should be, they form a sickle shape. This abnormal shape prevents the red blood cells from being able to deliver oxygen to the body. When a patient goes into a sickle cell crisis, they can die if they do not receive treatment.

To prepare Amy for surgery, she received a blood transfusion in an attempt to prevent the increased risk of bleeding in surgery because of her disease. The problem is that a transfusion can also trigger a sickle cell crisis. While Amy was receiving the transfusion, the physician monitoring her told the clinicians that Amy was showing signs of going into a SCD crisis. This physician also told the clinicians how to monitor and treat the patient. This information was emailed to Amys surgeon and no action was taken to prepare for a SCD crisis.

Amy had surgery and went home. Shortly after returning home, Amys parents recognized that something was wrong and they brought her back to the hospital. It took several hours after readmission for the physicians to determine that she was in a SCD crisis and her treatment was delayed. As a result, Amy went into cardiac arrest and hospital personnel were unable to revive her.

Use your textbook and at least one other reliable source to find information.

Structure your paper as follows:

1. Intro paragraph (5 points)

a. In your own words, introduce the topic that is being discussed in this essay.

b. State your thesis (main idea).

c. Identify the three main points you will cover

2. Body paragraphs (10 points total)

a. Malpractice:

Discuss what (if any) malpractice claims would be an option in this situation and explain your response. (2 points)

Do you feel there was a dereliction or neglect of duty? Explain your response. (2 points)

Was there evidence of a direct or proximate cause that produced the injury identified? Explain your response. (2 points)

b. Prevention

Discuss what could have been done to prevent this situation and maintain the proper standard of care. Explain your answer. (2 points)

c. Liability and Damages (2 points)

Who would be liable in this situation and why?

What kind of (if any) damages do you think will be issued as a result of this case?

3. Conclusion (2 points)

a. Restate your thesis and provide a conclusion about your main points.

4. References page (2 points)

a. Provide a list of references; must include author, title, publication title, publication year, and source or retrieval information.

Content requirements: (3 points)

Content should be in your own words, with 20% or less from outside sources

In-text citations used for any information from outside sources, should include author and publication year

Quotation marks enclose any information used word-for-word.

Writing mechanics: (3 points)

Times 12 point font, double-spaced text, indent first line of each paragraph

Proofread and correct all errors in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling

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