Writer Choice

Write 2000 words essay related to ideas you have studied during the course. You must include at least FIVE journal articles in your reference list (APA). 

You will have the option of ONE of the following essay topics based on your own interest and preferences : 

1) Write a paper on historical figures in Psychology. Choose a person in the history of psychology that you find interesting and write a paper by focusing on their personal biography, professional history, theories or their contribution to the field of psychology. For example : 
a) Sigmund Freud 
b) B. F Skinner 
c) John Bowlby 

2) Analyze a famous psychological experiment. There have been many groundbreaking experiments throughout the history of psychology and you may wish to choose one that you found particularly interesting and consider the following issues: the ethics of the research, the implications of the study, and provide a summary of the experiment. For example : 
a) The Skinner Box 
b) Pavlov’s Dog 
c) Strange Situation Procedure 

3) Critique an academic journal article related to a particular area of experimental psychology. Analyze and evaluate the theoretical framework, the hypothesis, the methodology, the results, and the implications of the study in the real world. 

4) Write a literature review. Choose a specific topic within psychology and research a variety of sources on the subject from journal articles to books and summarize what these sources are reporting about the topic. 

5) Write a paper debating psychology ideas. There have been many debates throughout the history of psychology. If debating is an interest of yours then choose a topic, research it extensively and present your argument for and against in essay style paper. For example : 
a) Nature versus Nurture debate 
b) Behaviorism versus Cognitive Psychology