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General Requirements for the Proposal ProjectYour project proposal should meet the following general requirements:Format the proposal as a memo to me.Present the case study or rhetorical situation you have fabricated (audience, purpose, and context), and the two alternatives you propose to analyze.Use appropriate visuals, including a Gantt or project chart for project tasks and schedule (see below).Use headings and talking headings for your major sections and subsections.Prepare the task list and work schedule as a Gantt chart or project schedule chart.Include at least three (3) citation entry samples representative of the documentation style you intend to utilize in your report project.Be four to six pages, single-spaced, with spaces between paragraphs.//////////////Content Requirements for the Project ProposalYou must convince me that:You have fabricated a realistic situation, similar to one you could face in your professional future.You understand the clients problem or need to choose between alternatives.You understand the clients criteria or goals for a successful solution, or choice.You have an effective, well thought-out plan for researching the alternatives and writing a recommendation report based on your findings.You have developed a comprehensive task analysis and realistic schedule for completing the work on time.You are proficient in the citation style appropriate for your report project.You are qualified to perform this work./////////////Introduction (About 1/3 of a page; provides the purpose of the memo and a very brief overview of the problem)Description of Proposed Case Study (About 1/2 page; this is the problem you are trying to solve for the “client)Analysis of the Clients Problem/Situation and Choices (About 1 full page)Audience Analysis of Client (Who is the client? If it is a real place, do some research on the organization’s website)Work Plan with Schedule (Gantt Chart)Qualifications (Optional)Resources Required to Complete Project (1/3 page)Citation Requirements (Three example citations in the citation style appropriate to your project)Closing