Writing Assessment Cultural Diversity and Global Engagement

1. Chose a country of interest to you. A good site is http://www.ediplomat.com/np/cultural_etiquette/cultural_etiquette.htm (Links to an external site.)
2, Write about the 5 most intriguing aspects of the culture.
3. Choose 3 relevant cultural dimensions (from Hofstede’s list) and explain how they probably affect business etiquette in this country. You’ll find his list of 6 dimensions here: https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/ (Links to an external site.)
4. Write 5 questions about business etiquette you would like to ask a person from the country you chose.

Your written response should use a 12-point font.
Your text should be single-spaced with no indented paragraphs (left-justified text), and have one line space between each paragraph. 
Use 1-inch margins
Length – minimum 1 page, a maximum of 2 pages.
To reference your work, use APA format for your reference formatting. This link will help you format your in-text citation and your Reference Page https://www.mendeley.com/guides/apa-citation-guide (Links to an external site.). This website shows how to cite just about any source.
In addition to the website provided in our text, you might also want to visit: https://www.worldbusinessculture.com/country-profiles/