You are a newly qualified solicitor in the law firm New Solicitors LLP.

You are a newly qualified solicitor in the law firm New Solicitors LLP. You recently met Nick Pickering, themanaging director of Style Limited (Style). Style is a chain of hairdressing salons throughout the UnitedKingdom.At the end of March 2021 Style refurbished its salons. Style installed 1,000 TV screens and 2,000 speakers inits salons. Style purchased the TV screens and speakers from Vision Limited (VL) in early February 2021 –the installation of the TV screens and speakers was completed by 31 March 2021. Style used the TV screensand speakers in its salons from April to June 2021. Style hired a famous YouTube hairstylist to provide hairand fashion tips via a live streaming event throughout its salons in mid-June 2021. Style publicised the eventin advance and expected an increase in customers afterwards. However, more than half of the TV screensand speakers failed during the live streaming event.Style complained to VL. VL confirmed that there was a fault in the manufacturing process of 100 TV screensand 200 speakers. VL denied there were any problems with the manufacturing of the other TV screens andspeakers. Style suffered a significant drop in customers in its salons after the live steaming event. YouTubeand social media contained very negative comments about the technical issues with the live streaming event.Advise STYLE on its legal rights and remedies regarding the goods purchased from VL. You shouldsupport your advice with relevant case law, statutes and academic authorities. You should ensure thatyour answer includes commercial awareness.ASSUME THAT THE DATE YOU ARE PROVIDING THIS ADVICE IS 1 AUGUST 2021. IGNORE ANYTHINGCONNECTED WITH COVID-19 IN YOUR ANSWER.
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