You get home from work, finally settled down and ready to eat,

You get home from work, finally settled down and ready to eat, but you have a choice of doordash and going to get something to eat yourself. Yes, your phone would be a quicker and more convenient way to get food, but do you really want to spend outrageous delivery fees and service fees when you can go to the restaurant you desire for almost half the amount you would pay on doordash. (another sentence) Technology has negatively impacted people’s lives by leading to increased spending and poor communication with others and a lack of knowledge.
Technology has led people to thinking less work is better, but we’re spending unbelievable amounts of money for simple daily tasks. There are delivery fees on anything you want brought to you, service fee for provided help, and increased taxes then being in store. There have been plenty of times where I ordered items online such as body wash, pizza, and shoes. The items ordered online were extremely expensive compared to getting them yourself.(another sentence) In other words, Technology has negatively impacted people’s lives because online shopping has increased prices.
The amount of face-to-face interaction that the average person experiences has been drastically reduced by technology. When I had an interview for my job it was an in person conversation rather than a telephone conversation. An in person conversation helps the business build knowledge on how you would fit in the form of work by facial expressions, body language, and professional language. Communication outside of technology is needed in order to build business relationships as well as friendships.
Technology tries to make things better to freely give us knowledge on things we are not sure of; but, not all of the information we find is true. Technology has errors and false information,Information that you can change, in person learning from a school is trustworthy and retainable. In school you will not be able to pull out your phone and search for the answer during your test. You have to retain the information that you learn from your teacher. I have learned way more from my teacher and they entertain you and give facts on information they studied from my experience with technology when I search something up for a quick answer I forget in less than a week. Don’t let technology give you information for the meantime; let your teacher give you retainable information that you can use to excel in class.
Some people say Technology makes it easier to apply for a job but this will not show your true intentions as to why you want the job. You can not show all your emotions in an online submission.